Felting exhibition by Annemie Koenen in Sittard, NL

There are not many felting exhibitions and certainly not in the vicinity. The last one was in Wuppertal in 2015. That is why I really wanted to go to Sittard in the Dutch province of Limburg to view exhibits of the famous felter Annemie Koenen. And it was worthwhile!
The exhibition is on the upper floor at the Museum Het Domein in the heart of Sittard, an old school building.

2016.05 Sittard 1

At the beginning of the exhibition, the visitor is invited to admire the colourful carpet of flowers. In mid-June Annemie Koenen will be there in person to promote her floral carpet project. Already, it looks beautiful. On the right you see my pink flowers, can you find it in the floral carpet again? 😉

2016.05 Sittard 2

Three things have impressed me in the exhibition:

  • the diversity of Annemie’s works
  • the attachment to home and tradition
  • the presentation of the objects, for example, all objects are specified with the estimated working hours

The latter is noteworthy because people who do not felt often do not understand how much work felters actually put into the felting objects. Especially Annemie’s attention to detail, for example to embroidery, costs  endless effort and time. It’s unbelievable that about 400 hours stuck alone in the right blue object (bag), that Annemie felted for her daughter and that is worked in the Kyrgyz felting tradition that Annemie knows from her own experience of a trip to Kyrgyzstan.

2016.05 Sittard 3

The friendly receptionist pointed out another special exhibit: a felted tree trunk. The lower part consists of three felted root areas, which represent the three neighborhoods Sittard, Geleen and Beek, forming Annemie’s home town. At the top the tree trunk forms a large apple bowl. I took a curious  close look at this object, because I myself have worked with the two materials wood and wool before as well.

2016.05 Sittard 4

 Another part of the exhibits makes up several collections of garments, which are often decorated with pleats and ruffles. It is time-consuming to felt these 3D-objects that I have never enjoyed in this diversity and density before.

2016.05 Sittard 5

Both more restrained colors and colorful pieces are found and inspired me. It should be noted that the wool is dyed by Annemie herself and thus she takes special influence on the design.
Here is a colorful photo collage:

2016.05 Sittard 6This was a very pleasant and inspiring visit. Last but not least, here are a few impressions of Sittard: a pretty town.

2016.05 Sittard 7

The exhibition runs until 6th June 2016.

A German version of this blogpost is available here.

Ein Gedanke zu “Felting exhibition by Annemie Koenen in Sittard, NL

  1. Annemie creates the most beautiful felt pieces. Thank you for sharing photos of her exhibition, I only wish I could have been there!

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