Easy peasy Easter rabbit

This tutorial follows my motto “KISS – keep it easy and short“.

I used prefelt in two colours – raspberry and beige in about 20 x 15cm. I put them over each other and added a thin layer of pinkish-red-raspberry colour wool tops on the raspberry coloured prefelt to add a little more contrast. I had carded this mix out of wool leftovers earlier.

I felted this piece of flat felt and used a wooden felting tool. When the felt piece is ready, I iron it. It becomes dense and dry at the same time.

I made a template out of two pieces of paper. You can use it, of course and enlarge it as you like. My rabbit is about 12cm large. Then I cut the two pieces from the felt piece. I use very small, sharp embroidery scissors to get clear edges.

Finally you stick both pieces together to get the rabbit. Because I used two different colours, the outcome is more interesting and offers two sides.

Happy felting!

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