FilzSpirationen am Meer

Filzen + Inspirationen = FilzSpirationen

Das sind einige „Fundstücke“, die die Ostsee vergangene Woche nach Sturm Herwart preisgab. Inspirationen geben die Formen, Farben & Oberflächenstrukturen.

Die FilzSpiration gab es schon einmal. Auch da hatte es mich ans Meer gezogen. Schaut mal vorbei.

Worldwide Colours of Felt

Ellen Bakker from textile-link in the Netherlands has managed to come up with a miracle. She collected fantastic photos of felted objects of over 500 felters worldwide, who are willing to share their beautiful and colourful felt art.

2016.06 Worldwide Colours of Felt

Ellen arranged the photos according to colour and created a book full of rainbows and energy of colours. Not only is the book a feast for the eyes but also a source of inspiration for all felters on earth.

I’ve glanced through it many times and can still find something new each time. Photos from more and less famous felters can be found side by side. Sometimes the photos themselves are clearly artistic as well.

This video gives you an overview of the result of this mammoth project. Thank you for sharing this, Ellen.

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I’m actually very proud of being part of this project as well. You can find my Istanbul cushion on page 111 of „Worldwide Colours of Felt“.